Athletics Transportation Procedures during COVID-19

Athletics Transportation Procedures during COVID-19
• AACPS will make buses available to teams for away athletic contests. Due to the unique circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, parents/guardians may choose to forego AACPS-provided transportation and assume responsibility for transportation of their student-athlete (SA) to and from events. By making that choice, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to either provide or arrange for transportation in accordance with the location and times designated by the coach.
• When SAs are being dropped off or driving themselves, they will wait in the car until their assigned arrival time or when the coaching staff is available to start the activity.
• In order for proper planning to occur, it is the responsibility of each SA to inform their coach in writing of their transportation status in advance of each away contest. Schools may develop a form for this process.
• Athletics is funded for transportation. Since our planned competitive seasons are comprised of approximately half the number of events we typically have, where necessary schools may book up to twice the typical number of busses for an away event (as long as funding remains available).

Bus Information
o The maximum occupancy is 21 people per bus on an 11-row bus, which includes coaches. Only one person may occupy each seat. The only exception is for family members living in the same house. Family members may sit together and, thus, the maximum number could go up accordingly.
o Masks (gaiters are not permitted) must be worn at all times while on the bus as well as when entering/exiting the bus.
o The seat behind the driver must be left empty.
o When lining up, loading, and exiting the bus, social distancing of 6 feet will be maintained whenever possible.
o When loading the bus, the first SA will occupy one of the back-row seats first. The second SA will occupy the other back-row seat in the opposite position as the first SA (window, aisle). This pattern will continue following the diagram below. Gear will be the responsibility of the SA and must be placed in the spaces as shown on the diagram.
o In the event not all available seats are needed, empty seats should be strategically placed between occupied seats. Empty seats should not be bunched together in one area.
o When exiting the bus, the SA or coach closest to the driver will exit first. Rows will exit one at a time in a staggered patten starting at the front and working towards the rear of the bus with those in the back row exiting last.
o When possible, it is recommended that windows be at least partially open to increase ventilation.
o Hand sanitizer will be made available to students as they enter and exit the bus.
o Bus surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized by the contracted bus company. Team gear and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized by the SA or school staff, as appropriate.
o In the event the same bus is used to transport multiple groups of students, the bus contractor will clean the bus between each group of students. In the event groups of buses are used to transport one team and those buses stay on site during the contest, SAs and coaches are to use the same bus for both trips whenever possible.
o A contracted, paid coach is expected to the ride on the bus with their team. Athletic Directors can work with their administration and the Office of Athletics in the event circumstances require a possible exception.