AACPS General Spectator Guidelines

AACPS is proud to welcome back spectators to our sporting events beginning with our March/April “fall” season. Our goals are to:

  • Provide student athletes with a safe and healthy contest experience
  • Invite 2 spectators per student athlete for all contests
  • Educate all stakeholders that our intention is to put procedures in place that help to reduce risk, but that the school system cannot eliminate the risk

AACPS’s ability to continue to allow spectators will be dependent on how well our guests cooperate with health and safety guidelines.  At any time AACPS reserves the right to reduce or stop spectators from attending events.

State and Local orders as it affects spectators

  • All individuals shall adhere to the face covering and social distancing requirements
  • All spectators shall go to their seats and remain seated, to the extent possible. At the end of the sporting event, all spectators shall exit the venue directly. Note: Spectators may certainly stand so long as they do not leave their seats.

Everyone must wear a mask, social distance, and must leave when the event is over.

Ticketed Stadium/Gymnasium Events

  • 2 Tickets will be given to every rostered student athlete for the stadium/gymnasium events
  • There will be no charge for admission.
  • Each spectator must have a ticket (stadium/gymnasium) to enter an event. This includes children.
  • No ID cards, badges or other passes will be accepted. Specifically, AACPS employee badges, senior citizen cards, multi-game punch cards, and or MPSSAA cards will not be accepted.


Non-Ticketed Events (Cross Country, JV Soccer, Golf and Unified Tennis)

  • For our non-ticketed events each student will be issued two access badges on lanyards
  • We are asking that only people who have a badge attend the contest in order to keep the numbers within the state guidelines
  • Each spectator must have a lanyard to enter an event. This includes children.
  • If too many people attend these events, we may need to stop all spectator attendance, which we hope to avoid



  • Events in the gyms (volleyball) and in the stadium (field hockey, football, and soccer)

will be broadcast through the NFHS Network